Loneliness, when accepted, becomes a gift that will help us to find a purpose in life. I highly agree with this quote from my favorite author, Paulo Coelho. Each time I am alone, I find myself reaching for my highest potential, coming up with ideas that I think could make a billion dollars some day. There’s a certain force that overcomes me, making me feel all powerful and that I could take over the world. But really what loneliness and solitude does to me is it helps me to create. I am the kind of person that needs silence to focus. There’s a certain peace that is experienced in solitude and only those who are brave enough to enjoy their own company can resonate with me. Anyway, I think you get the drift now. Clearly I have not had too many moments of solitude in a while. Probably that’s why I’ve not been able to create and to justify my excuse for not writing in a while. Actually what I am about to reveal; the events that you are about to witness with your imagination took place on the 31st of December 2018. It was my first time to board the SGR from Nairobi to Mombasa. Here is my account:



Alcohol & Drugs

The security checks getting into the syokimau train station may not be as strenuous as the Jkia one but once they start inspecting you is when you realize that they have put in a lot of measures to counter terrorism of any kind or entry with drugs and alcohol of any kind.

I was unfortunate to have been carrying 4 bottles of Warsteiner beer that I was not even going to consume on the train but I was quite surprised by how they did not allow me to get into the train with them despite me even assuring them that I was not going to drink it while on board. I had to leave them with the guards but interestingly enough they even allowed me to sign them in to collect them on my way back. Sadly enough, I have not been able to pick them up till date as I came back driving.



No Narco-Traficantes allowed on board

If you’re in the narco business, or just a regular user then I’d urge you not to use the sgr as a convenient way to ship your supply either way. There are two of man’s best friends that will willingly snitch on you to the police despite your love for them. I witnessed two Asian looking ladies getting busted with a g-bag (a lot of unrolled Marijuana). I don’t know what their fate was but if the cop that busted them was incorruptible unlike the vast majority of cops out there, then they must have had the worst new year’s eve experience especially if they landed in a cell.



Carry you National ID or Passport

Do carry some form of ID whether it’s your national id or passport. I’m reminded that it’s a train station and not a bus station.



Keep Time

In this city, traffic is so unpredictable and if you try to gamble with time you will get left. I say this because the train was scheduled to leave at 8.20am, it left at exactly 8.19am according to the time on the train. It’s the only thing I’ve come closest to the departing time of a plane which most of the time is coupled by a few delays.



I’m not boarding!

Well, since you will be boarding the train at your own free will in this situation, you will have to print your ticket right at the station. And the queues are very long so for crying out loud, please be there early to avoid any last minute hiccups.



Meals and Drinks

I would advise you to have a heavy meal for breakfast. The trip is way shorter and not as tiresome as traveling via bus. I must admit I didn’t feel tired on the train despite being on the second class coach.