God’s creation never ceases to fascinate me. I constantly find myself scrolling down through animal hashtags on instagram and I always find myself yearning to own a pet tiger, lion, bear or simply a puppy. I have actually been contemplating to quit my day job and become a wildlife photographer, but I still need to make a few billions before I quit so probably not anytime soon.

Lions have particularly been trending on my instagram explore page, sometimes for the right reasons and sometimes for all the wrong reasons. Well it’s only natural, and the king of the jungle would respond in his defense that he’s only lion! 





Anyway jokes aside, in 2017, there was an article about gay lions that were spotted showing affection at the Masai Mara here in Kenya…It seems as though the LGBT movement is quite present in the animal kingdom and who would better be at the forefront of the campaign than the king of beasts, what a pussy! You can check out the article via The Daily Mail.



I’ve also been seeing the photo of a black lion which is quite rare according to me as most of the lions are considered to be #TeamLightSkin but the way people all over the planet have been fascinated by the unseen beauty of this lion really affirms that Black is indeed Beautiful. But before you get too excited, the image of the black lion and any others that you may come across are false and are only stock images of ordinary lions colored black and posted to devianART and that’s according to snopes.com but just for your entertainment, this is the image of the false black lion.



Then there’s the white lion which according to my research is actually real and they are referred to as the Southern African Lion. It’s good to note that while we may think that they are albinos, they’re actually not. Their white color is from a recessive trait derived from a less severe mutation in the same gene that causes albinism. Have a look at this white beauty!


Now for the icing on the cake, late last year as I was going through my instagram, I came across this photo that I couldn’t help but share. For the longest time I’ve known animals to mate through doggy style but this photo of the king of the jungle just made me stop, stare and laugh. The facial expression on the male lion’s face was priceless and to make things even more interesting is that he was having missionary sexual intercourse with his Queen. This photo was originally shared by a photographer by the name of Silha Vaclav and ever since I posted it it’s become an instant hit with other instagrammers re-posting it. Out of the pages that re-posted it, National Geographic Kenya seemed to garner the highest likes with 1096 likes. The photo has been able to receive 626 likes at the time of posting this for the very first time on Zelani Afrika’s instagram page & with your help I know we can make it reach 1000 likes. Please go to my instagram and like it & share this blog post with your friends 🙂